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Who is Bari Jenks

Bari Jenks is a self-taught African-American visual artist, most of whose work is African inspired, mixed media with a contemporary twist. A graduate of Rhode Island school of design, she balanced a career as an interior designer, artist and decorative painter in New Orleans Louisiana until hurricane Katrina‘s arrival. 42 pieces of her art installed in the New Orleans Trade Center’s  downtown lobby were destroyed by wind and floodwater. Hurricane Katrina also precipitated her relocation to greater Houston for new beginnings. Bari’s focus now is on her lifelong passion, art.

From Bari’s earliest years it was assumed that she was and would continue to develop as an artist. She is her mother‘s daughter. Their home was full of her mother’s creativity, from her custom clients fashion drawings and garments, her furniture refinishing, reupholstering and hanging wallpaper, her attention to the most intricate details and forever echoing her work ethic.

Bari’s images are often of African-American or African female portraits which reflect bold color, texture and pattern with decorative elements using acrylic and metallic paints. The African females are embellished with beads, gemstones, cowrie shells, raffia, patterned fabrics and handmade papers.  All her images boldly convey the embodiment of strength, pride and beauty. Bari’s work has been shown in several solo and group art exhibitions and museums, and published in newspapers and national interior design/shelter magazines such as “Luxe Magazine” and “Houston Modern Luxury”.

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For additional information about the artist, commissions or inquiries please contact the artist representative.

Contact: Angela Lee

12999 Murphy Road Suite B5
Stafford TX, 77477


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